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Please excuse the broken images in the site

Unfortunately due to a mysterious, unannounced account suspension out of the blue, I have had to move my blog to a shiny new server. Unfortunately this means I have lost alot of the original images that had been uploaded, so if you do look at any of the older posts, my apologies.

Hopefully I should be getting some more content on here over the next few weeks – so expect some more articles soon – and a new theme!

Sitting on the MoMoLondon Panel :

I had the good fortune to be invited to speak on the MoMo london Panel for ‘Talking tablets’.

It as a great night , with some really interesting conversation around tablets and the content being created for them in general.

Check the video below for the highlights! (and plenty of hand waving on my part)

Check out the video here

check out the momo london post here


I have been watching the Apple / Adobe tiff for some while now, with a lot of interest. Apple’s stance seems to go in the face of all the media companies that have invested in their Flash Media Server platform. Also it seems to be flying in the face of the Open Source buzz of the last few years. They have a locked down platform, for which to get on and distribute your content you have to use their tools, their guidelines and in the end get their sign off. And after all that, they can just turn around and drop it if they decide to change their T&C’s.

For a developer point of view, this is horrific. From a business point of view it is a very clever move. The hardware and platform is now so attractive to media owners as a way to get people to pay for content, that it is in fact making them turn from Flash to HTML 5. Now, I have used flash for 5 years + , and i have experimented with HTML 5.  From early impressions , HTML 5 is not as yet ready, to  a degree where i feel content can be made as efficiently, quickly and to the same level of that that can be created in Flash.

And it is this , that has actually impressed me more than anything, the fact that major content owners are now retraining, and investing huge amounts of  money and time in changing their internal development capacity. The Apple platform and distribution channel is so good, and so appealing as an income stream that it is not about the best/worst technology, or the cost of development, but the chance to finally start making consumers pay for content again! And no just start paying for it, but changing the mindset away from free content from google, to premium content available on a premium channel.

And for me that is were the real beauty in what apple has done lies. By creating a premium piece of hardware, which is marketed almost entirely on the functionality of the 3rd party software available on it, then after getting thousands of developers on board while while at the same time slowly locking the gate, they have created their own Apple-opia. Regardless of how people feel about it, and how much developers moan about it, companies will do as they are told as the opportunity to make money (or the apparent one) is just to great to ignore now. And whats makes this more impressive is the relatively small market-share apple still has.

A great step for open source and freedom ? – possibly not.  One hell of an envious business position to be in ? – hell yes. For all the complaining i probably have and will do about it, i wish i had thought of it first :)

Merry Xmas !

hi all,

this is my last day @ work before the xmas holidays, and thought i would say thanks to anyone that has been reading my blog over the last year, and wish you all a happy holiday.

It’s been another great year working with mobile and flash lite design/development for me, and 2009 looks to be even more exciting. It will be a new year, and a new job for me, as i am starting as a mobile UI designer @ ustwo down in london! I’m really looking forward to the new challenges it will bring, and working with a team that is just as excited about making great mobile experiences as i am. Can’t wait :)

So merry Christmas to everyone, have a great holiday!


Mobile job opportunity = Mobile Flash Master™ @ ustwo

The family @ ustwo™ are looking for a Flash Master to join them making some of the most cutting edge mobile content on the market today. As well as working on amazing projects for big brand names, the ideal candidate would help develop a wide range of internal applications and content.

for full info on the job requirements etc, please check out the posting on the UK MaD groups site

check out their website

ustwo work

Mobile ‘Birds of a feather’ session @ MAX Milan

Come and join the Adobe Mobile and devices team for a Birds of a Feather session on everything mobile and flash lite @ MAX Milan. From 6.30pm till 7.30 pm on Monday night in room Yellow 1, we will be having an informal, fun and open discussion of mobile technology and some drinks and refreshments.

For those of you that have not attended a birds of a feather session before,
it is a informal group meeting of people interested in Mobile , where a
number of topics are put forward for a group discussion, and you get a
chance to meet members of the mobile and devices community, as well as Mark Doherty, Mobile developer manger , EMEA.

Topics highlighted for discussion are :

* flash lite and c++ integration
* Project capuchin for Sony ericcson devices
* Discussion around the new flashlite distributable player + packaging.
* how are people making money from mobile?
* And many more

We will also be giving out some great Adobe Swag, so mark this event in your
diary! No need to register, just show up @ Yellow Room 1 at 6.30pm on monday night.

Look forward to seeing you all there!

ADOBE Groups – New Community Super Site


Adobe has launch a new community application called GROUPS.
This is a new space hosted at that provides an area
for all the usergroups to base their operations, and allowing members
to connect and discover more of the Adobe community.

The UK MaD has been working over the last week or so to setup a space,
and this is now available to access @
I encourage you all to join , as over the next few weeks we will be
moving over and having our main base at

The new Groups site provides :

Blog, with all the latest usergroup news
Access to Group resources , such as videos, book reviews, tutorials
A new discussion area/ forum board
Opportunity to link up will more members of the wider adobe community
And more features are been added daily

so please get over to and check out this great new


S60 5th edition – Actionscript access to phone API’s


Hi all

I attended a nokia-adobe eSeminar last night on the new s60 5th edition platform and was quite frankly blown away. The 5th edition is currently available on only 1 phone, the Nokia 5800 ( the new touch screen device ), and takes flash lite development to a whole new level.

Using Platform Services, you can now access the phone’s API’s directly through actionscript as you create your applications/content in the flash IDE. The following API’s are supported in the first release :

  • ApplicationManager
  • Calender
  • Contacts
  • Landmarks
  • Location
  • Logging
  • Messaging
  • MediaManagement
  • Sensors
  • SysInfo
  • To access these , it’s as simple as importing the nokia AS class libarys (* ) and then using the service class to create specific service interfaces. (see slide capture below)

    services as examples

    As you can see, this is a massive difference to the viability of the flash lite platform for creating truly integrated mobile applications that can take advantage of the mobile platform. Although this could be done previously with 3rd party applications, this is a much simpler solution.

    Info snippets :

  • Platform services is currently only supported by 5th editions phones (i.e 1 :) ) , but it was hinted at in the seminar that there would be some back porting for older handsets
  • Flashlite support for google android handsets was hinted upon by peter from adobe
  • some simple examples were shown of location, messaging and contacts api. The code was short and sweet
  • the demo phone used by nokia had a copy of dojo monkey on the desktop. Kudos to dale ;)
  • I will post links to the slides/examples as soon as they become available.

    I did however grab some screen shots as the seminar was going, and you can download these from here


    Flash lite 3.1 available to OEM

    via flash lite in mobile and embedded world,

    Flash Lite 3.1 port is now available to OEMs. Here’s quick summary of what’s new in FL3.1:

    - Much better browsability than FL3

    - Support for h.264 codec

    - Flash 9 content will play in FL3.1 as long as it is published as AS2. AS3 engine is not ported to FL3 yet.

    Linux port is available from California Software Labs. Please email me for additional information.

    click here for original post

    New LG KF700 is flashlite ‘enabled’*

    Since my contract was up for renewal this month, i decided to get myself a ‘fun’ phone, so after looking around for a bit i went for the new LG KF700 touchscreen/slider handset.

    After getting it home, and messing with it for about 5 mins i found an interesting menu (see below)

    flash enabled KF700

    After a quick look, i could find nothing on the LG site mentioning flash lite at all. After copying across a number of test swfs, it looks like this phone is flashlite 2.x enabled by LG. As well as access to flash files, the phone also comes pre-installed with 5 fl animated wallpapers. Great!

    The problem came when i tried to put on my own wallpapers. Although they would run in the standalone player on the handset, to be able to set the files as a wallpaper, you have to have them in a directory called ‘default SWF’. For some reason, LG seem to have made this folder unaccessable via their PC suite (which btw, also has serious issues when run on vista).

    So, for some reason, although the phone supports fl wallpapers, it seems LG has decided to only let it support it’s pre installed selection. Not so great!

    I would hazard a guess at saying the ui is made with flash, and the phone it’s self is nice to use (although the touchscreen is no where as responsive as that of the iphone). I really like the addition of the slide away keypad, and the jog wheel at the side is also a great touch. The combination of all 3 input methods makes the phone very easy to use, although it does take you a while to work out the best way to utilize all 3 together.

    I have included a couple more pics below, as well as some comparisons for size with an n95 8gb.